HS Maschinenbau

Design & Manufacture of Special-Purpose Customized Machines.


he company HS Maschinenbau s.r.o. is a manufacturer of single purpose machines. This includes machines for the production of pencils, paint brushes with wooden handles, woodworking machinery, assembly and packing machines. Most of these machines are operated with programming robots and some include CNC control. All of these machines have been developed by our design department. We have been constructing these machines for our customers across the world and we are able to adjust requirements to their very special needs. All our machines comply with the safety requirements of the country where the machine is intended to be operated. Machines delivered to countries which are members of the European Union have all safety risks evaluated and they bear the CE marking. Our engineers have developed more than 60 different single purpose machines for various industrial branches and our company has produced more than 100 to date. You can see some of the machines in our catalogue.

  Katalog_HSMaschinenbau_2017.pdf (Czech version)

  Catalogue_HSMaschinenbau_2017.pdf (English version)



HS Maschinenbau s.r.o.
U Sudárny 434
373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou

 +420 387 030 836


 Jednatel společnosti

Walter Heinz Schuhmann


  Obchodní informace

IČO: 251 84 415
DIČ: CZ 251 84 415
Registr. u Krajského soudu České Budějovice
Vložka do OR-oddíl C č. 8278

  Ekonomické oddělení

Lenka Novotná
 +420 387 020 836


  Technical director

Pavel Šimek
 +420 387 020 834 
 +420 724 139 347 

  Projektový manager

Bc. Radek Kreps
 +420 387 020 462

  Konstrukční oddělení

Jiří Svoboda
 +420 387 020 833

Vladislav Podzemský
 +420 387 020 837

Pavel Žák
 +420 387 020 837

Jakub Režný - Elektroprojektant
 +420 724 668 343